Used snowshoes

Snowshoes is a wonderful sport that allows you to meet Mother Nature up close and personal. To enjoy this sport to the max, we offer you a great choice of used snowshoes. Snowshoes is a fun sport that you can practice with the entire family because all you need really, are snow and snowshoes! 


At Echo Sports, you will find at least one of them: the snowshoes!  Size definitely matters when it comes to snowshoes, dad may need 9 X 30, mom a much smaller one, maybe a performing pair for the younger bunch who want to take it to the next level and compete. Our experts will help you figure it all out and help you find exactly what you need.  Now all you need to do is imagine that beautiful landscape awaiting...

Our used equipment are verified and garantied one (1) year. 

All our used equipment undergo thorough cleaning in a special ozone cleaning certified chamber, in order to provide you with clean products that can be used immidiately. 

As used products come in and go out real fast, we recommand you contact us before visiting when you are looking for something very specifics to check on what we have available 418-683-3338

Here are the types of snowshoes you may find in store:

  • Junior snowshoes
  • Adult snowshoes
  • Mountain snowshoes
  • Racing snowshoes
  • Trail snowshoes
  • Freestyle snowshoes
*Depends on what's in inventory