Used ice skates

On your next visit at Echo Sports, you won't believe your eyes.  More than 2 000 pairs of used ice skates, in all sizes and colours, great brands too. Walls and walls of ice skates!  If you're the very casual skater, once in a blue moon, or you have kids still growing, a used pair of ice skates is just what you need. 

You still want performances?  We also have clearance, skates from previous years, like Reebok or Bauer for a few dollars more. For skates, we are the place!

You can count on one of our experts to help you chose the right pair of skate for you. 

Our used equipment are verified and garantied one (1) year. 

All our used equipment undergo thorough cleaning in a special ozone cleaning certified chamber, in order to provide you with clean products that can be used immidiately. 

As used products come in and go out real fast, we recommand you contact us before visiting when you are looking for something very specifics to check on what we have available 418-683-3338

Here are the types of ice skates you may find in store:

  • Men ice skates
  • Kids ice skates
  • Woment ice skates
  • Recreational skates
*Depends on in store inventory