Used crosscountry skis

Crosscountry skiing is possibly the most accessible sports, not mentionning one that offers the most complete work out. So why not give it a try!  At Echo Sport, we think you really should and that's why we have a great choice of used crosscountry ski equipment that will suit both, your needs and your budget. 

Come and chat with our experts, you may end up leaving with great brands such as Salomon, Atomic, Fisher et Alpina, all at low costs. And it's not because you get it all for 75% less that youwon't get great service. Our people are professionnals and wil lmake sure to do a camber test, that will optimise performances for every crooscountry ski trails you want to tackle. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself already there..

Our used equipment are verified and garantied one (1) year. 

All alpine skis are sold with bindings unless exception. 

All our used equipment undergo thorough cleaning in a special ozone cleaning certified chamber, in order to provide you with clean products that can be used immidiately. 

As used products come in and go out real fast, we recommand you contact us before visiting when you are looking for something very specifics to check on what we have available 418-683-3338

Here are the types of crosscountry skis and ski equipment you may find in store:

  • Classic crosscountry skis
  • No waxing (scales) crosscountry skis
  • Crosscountry skis with skin technology
  • Crosscountry ski boots
  • Crosscountry skating skis
  • Recreational crosscountry skis
  • Crosscountry ski poles
*Depends on in store inventory