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Used snowboards

Echo Sports is not just another used snowboard shop! You will find quality snowboards, that have been checked thoroughly and certified for maximum safefty. Our goal every day is to find the best snowboards at the best price possible.

We aim to please and thus, your satisfaction is our priority.  On top, we really know our snowboard gears: backside, carving, freestyle, frontside, half-pipe… you vaguely know what we are talking about? Don't worry, that's why we are here fore, our experts speaks fluent snowboarding lingo and will explain it all to you, it's that simple. 


When you purchase used snowboard equipements at Echo Sports:
Our used equipment are verified and garantied one (1) year. 
All snowboards are sold with bindings unless exception.
When purchasing a used ski equipment, you'll get your first sharpening and waxing at 50% off



Want to get even better prices? Check it out...

  • We buy back used equipement of 4 years or less in exchange for store credits that can be applied like a discount on your new equipment
  • Next year, bring back the equipment that no longer fits (like for kids) and we'll buy it again from you. You can use that new discount on your next equipment!

N.B.: buying back depends on the demand for the product and what we already have in inventory, you can check with us before visiting if you are not sure:  1-877-683-3338

As used products come in and go out real fast, inventory is not on line.
If you are looking for something specific, contact us to check for availability: 1-877-683-3338

Here are the types of snowboard equipment you may find in store:

  • Downhill snowboards
  • Freestyle/Park snowboard
  • Safety helmet
  • Junior snowboards
  • Poles
  • Snowboard boots
  • Snowboard bindings


*Depends on what's in inventory

Always the best price
Professional bike shop services
Ship to Canada
Professional ski shop services