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Used alpine skis

Sometimes buying a full kit of alpine ski, cross-country ski or snowboard is cheaper then renting! Every begining of season, you will find at Echo Sports great deals to buy used alpine ski equipment.

But it's not all, what if there was a way you can pay even less?  Great right?  Bring us your current used ski equipment from previous years and get a store credit in exchange, applicable on every products and services we offer. 

FOR 2020-2021 SEASON:

Used alpine skis Adult, binding included

Starting from: 119.99$


Used alpine skis Junior, binding included

Starting from: 79.99$

Used alpine ski boots Adult

Starting from: 69.99$


Used alpine ski boots Junior

Starting from: 29.99$

Our used equipment are verified and garantied one (1) year. 
All alpine skis are sold with bindings unless exception.
All our used equipment undergo thorough cleaning in a special ozone cleaning certified chamber, in order to provide you with clean products that can be used immidiately.  


What we take back: 

To ensure we offer you the best quality used equipment, we'll buy back equipment for which there is a demand for, is in good shape and is 4 years old or less.



Want to get even better prices? Check it out...

  • Bring used equipment you are no longer using in exchange for store credits that can be applied like a discount on your new equipment
  • Next year, bring back the equipment that no longer fits (like for kids) and we'll buy it again from you. You can use that new discount on your next equipment!


Forget long waiting queue lines at the ski center or endless contracts and get your own gear, ski, binding and boots, all verified by our technicians certified by the ski industry. 


Used products come in and go out real fast, so inventory is not offered on line. If you are for something specific, contact us to check for availability: 1-877-683-3338


Here are the types of alpine skis and ski equipment you may find in store:

  • Park skis/Freestyle
  • All mountain skis
  • Helmets
  • ski boots
  • Junior skis
  • Twin Tip skis
  • Alpin ski poles
*Depends on what in inventory
Always the best price
Professional bike shop services
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Professional ski shop services