Winter sports' equipment rental

Take advantage of our rental sports' equipement service to enjoy the season at low cost.


Why rent?

You may be thinking of trying on a new sport, but you are not sure if you are going to like it.  Renting will avoid you investing a lot of money only in a sport that may turn out not to be your thing at all.

Maybe you are initiating a young one to a new sport, you want the latitude rental offers you, especially when the equipment for your growing child will require being replaced every year if not withint the same.


What you can rent:

  • Alpine skiing equipment (ski, ski bindings, boots)
  • Crosscountry skiing equipment (ski, bikdings, boots and poles)
  • Snowboard equipment (snowboard, bindings, boots)
  • Snowshoes equipment (snowshoes, bindings)
  • FATBIKE (day to day rental only)


How it works :

  • Day to day rental: a fixed price for the first day, another for any subsequent day
  • For a weekend: a fixed price for two days
  • For the whole season: a fixed price for the whole season, location ends in September where you can take advantage of our great SKI BAZAR to bring everything back and exchange or buy whatever you wish.
Ski and snowboard equipment rental also include adjustment, waxing, sharpening, le cirage, les bottes, les fixations et les bâtons.  

How much does it cost:

Price will vary depending on what you rent, as you have access to high end or basic equipment. 
Contact us or come and see is in store to check for details and availability: