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Privacy policy

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LAST UPDATED: October 27th 2020


Privacy Policy

Dear customers, here’s what type of information we collect from you when you visit our websites and all the social media we operate, and to what end. Please read the terms and conditions of use of our website.  We want to assure you that no personal data is collected without your explicit permission.


Personal data collecting and use

The collecting and processing of personal data may occur on a specific time under specific circumstances.

For example, when you subscribe to a news letter through a form that you have to fill out.  Your consent will always be required to collect and/or use any of the information collected and you can always unsubscribe or refuse the use of your personal information at any time even after you’ve originally consented to it.


Why is this information and/or data collected?

We collect this information simply to understand our customers better, to improve both, our website experience and our products offer.    

This personal information is for our eyes only and will be stored solely for the purpose stated above.

No personal information will be shared without your consent and only those you have chosen to share will be shared, as in the case of your name and phone number/email if you wish to be contacted by one of our business partner.

We want to assure you that no other information will be shared with our business partners.  Any information that you may have willingly entrusted with us, through customer satisfaction surveys, product satisfaction surveys, etc. which may ask about age, location and situation, will never be sold or shared with anyone. No personal data will be made available to third parties without your explicit consent.  

Please keep in mind that although ECHO SPORTS takes all reasonable measures to keep your data safe and secure, ECHO SPORTS cannot guarantee the absolute safety of any online data, any such transmission is at your own risk. 


How we collect your information

  • Email

In case of info letters by email to let you know about ongoing promotions, new products or any changes in our company that we think you should know, you can always unsubscribe by clicking on the link to this effect directly on the email. Or you can simply call us to ask to be removed from our list : 1-877-683-3338

  • Cookies

As for most websites, we use technologies such as cookies and tracking pixels (Facebook, Google) that allows us to create better offers and content to your liking, as well as which products to keep in store. By analyzing Internet traffic, we can detect what product works best and for whom, what doesn’t work, etc.  

At any moment, you can decide to refuse the use of cookies on our website for any of the reasons mentioned above.  You can change that preference in your browser, by choosing to refuse the use of cookies or chose for your browser to always asked before accepting the use of cookies whenever you surf on a website.

To do this, please consult the technical information of the browser you are using.  However, if you refuse the use of cookies, please note that several features of our website may not function properly.

  • Modification or suppression of your personal data

At any time, you can modify your personal data by contacting us (1-877-683-3338 – [email protected] ). You may request the partial or total suppression of your personal data and we will do our best to satisfy your request.  Keep in mind that although all the information requested to be suppressed will be from our database, it is possible that some of it still exists in archives, until such archives are deleted. We may keep some information in case of fraud or similar situations.


How safe is your personal data?

We collect data via Google cookies and pixels (website), and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Your paiement informations are safe and secure via Paypal. 


Policy Privacy Updates

Our privacy policy may be subjected to updates for any number of reasons.  You will be advised by email in such occasion, of any modification we may make.  You can consult our Privacy Policy at any time on our website.  The date of all updates will be indicated at the top the page.


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