Store credits

What are the store credits about?

Because kids grow up every time you blink, because you're not sure yet if snowboarding is the right sport for you even if you've wrapped yourself in bubble wrap, because you kinda got tired quicker than expected of ice skating.  There will be many moments where it might be wise not to invest a lot of money in sports' equipement. 

You may also have sports' equipment gathering dust somewhere in your basement or garage. Just because you no longer have an use for it, does not mean it has no value.  Don't wait until it has turn to dust, it might have more value thant you think! 





Bring back your own equipment, we will give it a full evaluation and you will receive store credits in exchange, which may be used on anything at any time in the store. Your credits are good for 3 years so you don't have to use them right away if you prefer to wait.  Because we do a thorough evaluation of your equipment, we are able to give a year warranty on our second hand equipment, are we nice or what!