Echo dollars card

This card is never done giving!

Whether you decide to keep it for yourself or give it to someone else, the cardholder can use it as payment method

on anything at any time, new stuff, second hand stuff, full prix or sales.  

The ECHO DOLLARS can be purchased like so: 

  •      10$,   20$,   50$  100$   250$   500$  1000$

The card can be refilled at any time by the cardholder.


Ask for the ECHO DOLLARS card on location or order it on line.



The ECHO DOLLARS card is not a credit card, no fee will be charged and no insurance are provided if lost or stolen.  

The card can be used partieally or totally.  If used partially, a balance will automatically be created, which can be used on future purchase.   

Any amount on the card  may not be exchanged for money.  The card may not be used anywhere else than in one of our Echo Sports locations. .

Echo Sports may not be held responsible if the card is lost or stolen.  You are entirely responsible for the card and its use. 

If lost or stolen, it is possible for us to retrieve your card account but we cannot offer any guarantee in that matter. . 

Since the card can be given to anyone as a gift, the cardholder whoever it may be, may use the card as he or she wishes.  Echo Sports will not refund any amount if lost or stolen, or if someone else has used the card. 

Echo Sports reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use without prior notice. .