Maintenance & repair - Ski and Snowboard

Trust our experienced technicians for a routine maintenance or more complexe repairs, they are efficient professionals that will gladly answers all your questions.



  • Snowboard Sharpening
  • Snowboard binding adjustment
  • Snowboard hot waxing
  • Snowboard binding installation
  • Snowboard waxing
  • Snowboard P-Tex repair
  • Snowboard structure
  • Snowboard edge resetting




Alpine ski

  • Alpine ski Sharpening
  • Alpine ski binding adjustment
  • Alpine ski hot waxing
  • Alpine ski binding installation
  • Alpine ski waxing
  • Alpine ski P-Tex repair
  • Alpine ski structure
  • Alpine ski edge resetting


Crosscountry ski

  • Crosscountry ski binding installation
  •  Crosscountry ski basic preparation
  • Crosscountry ski waxing
  • Crosscountry ski cleaning