Maintenance & repair - Skates/hockey equipments

At Echo Sports, we'll take good care of your skating and hockey equipment with care. Whether it is for your leisure skates, hockey skates or hockey equipment, rest assure our team of passionate professionals will handle adequately all your hockey and skating equipment. 

  • Ajustment of hockey skates
  • Repair of hockey skates (blade, frame, rivet)
  • Vise and screen installation
  • Hockey skate molding
  • Hockey skates sharpening
  • Leisure skate sharpening


Clean Zone system

The Clean Zone system is a dry clean method that keeps your equipment fresh by slowing down the proliferation of bacteria causing bad oders. 

During this process, our Clean zone machine targets molecules responsible for organic type of odors often found in sports' equipment.  This way, bacteria and mildew growth is neutralized. We recommend to use Clean Zone system once a month. 



To maintain your equipment as fresh as possible, we recommend also the use of  specialised deodorising spray after each use.  Keep them in an aerate environment after spraying to allow them to dry completely, this will also helps keeping nasty odors in check.   Visit us in store to find out more about how you can optimise and maintain the freshness of your equipment.