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Electric bike repair & maintenance


You're the happy owner of an E-bike and your *baby* is experiencing some technical issues? Or you might feel like your battery is no longer providing the autonomy you had before. You might just need the annual tune up, but whatever it is, our technicians are professionals and will have a look at your favorite electric bike to to make sure it is still a smooth ride!


An electric assist bike implies a lot more parts than a basic bicycle,and not just electrical and electronical too.

We can do a diagnostic of your battery that will allow us to determine wath electrical problem you might experience down the road:  

A good diagnostic will tell if your battery needs to be replaced or if it can be refurbished with just replacing a few cells. 


We can diagnose any brand of battery, the renown ones like Shimano Steps, Bosch Powerpack & PowerTube, Dorado 48v , Panasonic 24v, Accell c1/c2/c3/c4/c5/b, Pannasonic 48v , pannasonic 36v, etc, any Lithium Ion battery. We are able to repair most, as well as electric components for your E-bikes, no matter the brand. 


Derailleur adjustement 15,00 $
Brake adjustment 15,00 $
Headset adjustment 8,00 $
Hub adjustment 15,00 $
Brake disc adjustment 20,00 $
Major wheel adjustment 35,00 $
Suspended fork adjustment (starting from) 85,00 $
Headset lubrication 20,00 $
Hub lubrication (starting from) 18,00$ 
Pedal lubrication 20,00 $
Crank lubrication 30,00 $
Battery & electric system diagnostic 39.99
Advanced season tune up 149,99 $
Uninstall sealed bearing wheel 30,00 $
Uninstall rear triangle double suspension 90,00 $
Install crank box 25,00 $
Install cable and brake wire protection sheath (sheath sold separately)  15,00 $
Installation cable & gaine de vitesses (gaine non incluse) 15,00 $
Install cassette box 30,00 $
Install bike lock  7,00 $
Assemble bike  75,00 $
Brake pad replacement 12,00 $
Crank replacement 20,00 $
Gear replacement 20,00 $
Bike air chamber replacement (starting from)  10,00$ 
Fork replacement 45,00 $


Our team of experts is very resourceful and will keep your E-bike up and running for a very long time. 

Just drop by our bike repair shop with your E-bike or give us a call ahead to make an appointment: 1-877-683-3338

Always the best price
Professional bike shop services
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