Bike repair shop

Our technicians are qualified bike technicians, they are qualified to handle all brands of bikes: Giant, Trek, Jamis, NOrco, DeVinci, Specialized, etc., at competitive prices.

Trust our experienced technicians to execute repairs and everything else efficiently.  Got questions? They will gladly answers any questions you may have regarding the maintenance or repair of your bike:


  • Quick tune up
  • Tire/air chamber installation
  • Overhaul tune up
  • Wheel install/change
  • Regular tune up
  • Hub adjustment
  • Minor wheel adjustment
  • Major wheel adjustment
  • Ray install/replace
  • Rim tape install
  • Ball bearing clean up 
  • More services available...
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Break sheat and wire installation
  • Speed's sheath and wire installation
  • Brake shoe/disk installation
  • Derailleur installation
  • Brake levers installation
  • Hydrolic disk adjustment
  • Hydrolic disk purge
  • Straightening derailler mount
  • Adjust hydrolic disk brakes
  • More services available...
  • V brakes adjustment
  • More services available...
  • Headset adjustment
  • Pedals adjustment/installation
  • Chain adjustment/installation
  • Chain adjustment/installation
  • Batteries repair/evaluation
  • Electric assist motor installation
  • More services available...