Peltonen FACILE NANOGRIP Woodcore waxless cross-country ski

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Nanogrip® is a revolutionary wax-free system offered exclusively by Peltonen. Although it could be considered as a type of skin, it is something very new! Peltonen offers Nanogrip® skis for active and recreational skiers. Works in all conditions, especially when wet / icy. Nanogrip® is a patented innovation utilizing the latest nanotechnology. Skis are carefree, only cleaning needed. No kick wax, no glide wax - just enjoy. Already a huge success, the Nanogrip® Facile is super popular among skiers with its affordable price and great wax-free performance. Just grab your skis and go! 


Select a bit softer ski than your normal classic ski.

The grip is optimal right from the start. The ski optimizes its glide permanently when you ski for the first time. This only takes a few kilometers.

While using the skis, the color alters from grey to black, which doesn’t affect neither grip nor glide. With new falling snow at temperatures close to zero use always Rex Anti Ice to avoid snow getting stuck on the base.

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