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LENGTH: M (160cm - 169cm) 

The quickest and easiest cutting solution for skis. The Montana cutting set Cut & Go is available in all varieties of skins, in 4 lengths, and all attachments. With this version, the required attachments at the front and the back are pre-mounted.



Mohair is the term used for the hair of the Angora goat. This natural fiber is the specifically lightest fiber. Unrivaled characteristics for the manufacture of climbing skins: 100% mohair skins guarantee the best gliding and climbing properties, and mohair-mix skins are more durable as the synthetic fibers are more abrasion-resistant.

Life span

With high-quality climbing skins, a life span of 60 - 100 tours can be expected. Some tourers, however, have experienced well over 100 tours. The life span is also dependent on the snow conditions (powder snow, crusted snow, ice, firm snow, etc.), the length of the tours, the weight of the skier and the care of the skins.
Used climbing skins can be disposed of with the normal household waste.

Optimal care of the climbing skins before the ski tour

  • As soon as the hold of the adhesive layer reduces, such as due to extreme cold, dirt or long ski tours over several days, we recommend that the adhesive layer be renewed.
  • The skins should not be attached to bases which have wax residue on them, as this reduces the sticking power of the adhesive layer.
  • Wax residues should be removed with a scraper blade.
  • To wax your touring skis, you should use the MONTANA impregnating wax. Never use a wax with fluorine, silicone or similar substances.

Optimal care of the climbing skins during the ski tour

  • When attaching the climbing skins, ensure that the ski bases are dry and free from snow crystals.
    Stroke and firmly press the skin from the ski tip end onto the base surface. If the skins are attached repeatedly, they should first be warmed close to the body.
  • With extreme temperature variations and the change from wet to dry snow, clumping may occur.
    This can be prevented through the use of impregnating wax on the plush side.
  • The SKINNY cover guarantees simple handling during attachment and removal of the skins.
    This is especially the case with external influences such as strong wind.

Optimal care and storage of the climbing skins after the ski tour

  • Wet climbing skins should not be stored for longer periods in the skins bag.
  • After the ski tour, the climbing skins should be hung up at room temperature so that they can dry completely. Afterwards, fold in the Skinny or attach the protective foil and store in the skins bag.
  • In the bag, the adhesive layer of the climbing skins remains protected from soiling, drying out and UV rays.
  • To prevent snow clumping occurring, use GLIDE PLUS before the next ski tour. It is a water-based solution that may freeze at low temperatures, which is why GLIDE PLUS should only be applied at home to dry climbing skins and never during the ski tour.
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