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Professional ski shop services

Service shop manager (ski & bikes)


BONUS WHEN HIRED: FREE SKIS (up to 600$ value)



Our offer:

  • Full time day job, flexible schedule
  • 25$ à 30$ /hre according to experience
  • Collective insurance effective the first day
  • Unbeatable employees' discount on everything 


Work environment:

  • Dynamic and bustling work place
  • Motivated team with a passion for sports
  • Friendship and cooperation strongly encourage


Tasks and responsibility

  • First contact for customers, act as technical advisor
  • Quickly evaluate repairs (parts & time), propose best options customers and prepare the relevant work orders for the technicians.
  • Manage appointments to respect promised scheduled repairs and advise customers in case of unexpected delay.
  • Plan the work schedule for the technicians according to appointment so repairs schedule will be respected.
  • Do work quality verification before the customer takes possession of his item. 
  • Manage and order parts necessary to repairs
  • Meet with team regularly to make sure the process is efficient, readjust process if necessary. 
  • Watch over all machines to make sure they are in working order and are being used adequately


Quality to be happy in this job:

  • Good leader
  • Excellent communicator
  • Inspire trust
  • Can prioritise 
  • Great sens of organisation
  • Methodical


Experience we are looking for:

  • bike shop mechanic
  • Ski shop technician
  • Profession bike salesperson
  • Bike parts clerks
  • Bike mechanic knowledge

*This job requires good knowledge of bike parts and components, a good idea of repairs to properly evaluate cost/time they require and experience in managing a team (work schedules, tasks attribution, etc.)


Personal hobbies that can contribute to your happiness in this job:

  • Cyclotourisme
  • Mountain trail biking
  • Road biking
  • Cycling club
  • Défi Pierre Lavoie
  • Bike mechanic and repairs
  • Gran fondo


Contact :Alain Laporte

Tel: 418-563-5430 

Website :

Send resume to : [email protected]


Always the best price
Professional bike shop services
Ship to Canada
Professional ski shop services