Sporting good salesperson

Echo Sports offers ski and snowboard equipments impeccable maintenance and repair services. Our spotless reputation was build on the competance of our certified technicians, certificates issued by Rossignol, Look, etc. as their authorised dealer. 

Our team is always on the look out for meticulous technicians, always looking for optimising the performances of ski and snoboard equipment through quality repairs and maintenance, such as our faithful clientele has come to expect of us.  


Job post requirement

  • 2 to 3 years of experience in ski & snowboard maintenance and repair 
  • Knowledgeable in different types of equipments
  • Capacity to properly estimate what needs to be done
  • Respect the promised delay (not promissing unreasonable delays to customers) 
  • Have a good customer service sense (patience, listen, clear explanation)


Your tasks as a technician

  • Ajust bindings on skis and snowboards
  • Bindings installation
  • Sharpen/wax skis and snowboards
  • Base preparation for crosscountry skis
  • Answer customers' inquiries


Conditions d’emplois

  • Competitive salary according to experience
  • Performance bonuses
  • EmploAvantages sociaux dès la première journée de travail
  • Prix imbattables sur les produits 
  • Temps pleins ou partiels disponibles

We will do all that we can to accomodate the schedule to your needs.



If you are interested and would like to know more->

Contact person: Alain Laporte

Send your resume to: [email protected]

Contact us to book a job interview: 418-683-3338