Bike technician or mechanic job post opening

At Echo Sports, we believe that our success is due to the quality of our employees and the quality of service our employees are able to deliver.  

We truly believe that someone who's passion driven can make a world of difference when it's timie to explain technical details to a customer or make sure repairs or modifications will be done to perfection so the customers will be able to get the best out of his or hers sports' equipment. 


These are the qualities we are looking for in a bike technician:
  • Capacity to determine the best solution possible for the customer's satisfaction
  • Capacity to explain clearly the necessary repairs and make sure the customers has a good understanding of what needs to be done
  • Capacity to work under pressure at times
  • Good temper and patience


As a technician, these are your general tasks:
  • Bike complete tune up
  • Wheel alignment
  • Bike assembling
  • Bike repairs
  • Answer customers' inquiries


Job conditions and perks
  • Competitive salary according to experience
  • Performance bonuses
  • Employees' benefits from the first day of work for full time or part time employees
  • Unbeatable price on all merchandise
  • Full time and part time available

We will do all that we can to accomodate the schedule to your needs.



If you are interested and would like to know more->

Contact person: Alain Laporte

Send your resume to: [email protected]