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The GOCYCLE GX foldable E-bike folds is simply marvelous!  Designed specifically for urban dwellers, absolutely everything was tought up in minute details to make your life easier.

Get to work, run some errands or just a joyride, the GOCYCLE GX is incredibly versatile.  Light weight, agile and easy to store away, you will be amazed how easy you can fold it and store away at the office, in a small appartment, in a vehicule, in a bus, etc. Here are juste a few perks of this gem of a bike:

  • The battery is entirely concealed within the frame so you don't need to take it out to charge it, but it is also easy to pull it out when necessary.
  • The seat post is adjustable to your height and is totally independant of the removable part, so you don't lose your set up when you remove the seat post. 
  • Every part that folds can be secured in place
  • No tools are needed to set up accessories like fenders and bags, etc. except for a key provided with the GOCYCLE GX and is cleverly concealed under the saddle
  • A plastic cap protects the back wheel axel from rubbing on the front wheel so no damage occurs when folded
  • The chain cover will keep your pants neat and clean on top of protecting the chain from most debris = low maintenance
  • The motor is on the front wheel and posesses anti-skid system, just like on a car (for real!!)
  • Since you have a classic chain drive system at the back wheel with 3 speeds, you literally have 2 traction system: electric at the front wheel and yourself at the back wheel.
  • A super cool app gives you the usual stats (speed, distance, etc.) but gives you diagnostics of several parts of the bike and allows you to choose and customize in so many ways the exact level of assistance you need, right there on your phone. The GoCycleConnect is free and can be used with both Apple or Android.
  • Several cool accessories are available, among wich the elegant and practical Docking Station, to safely transports your stuff.

Mechanical twist shift (GX)
Predictive electronic shifting (GXi)

Frame material

Magnesium fixed

Daytime Running Light (DRL)
No (GX) | Yes (GXi)

Quick removable
Li ion 13.7Ah, 22V, ~300Wh (GX)
Li ion 17Ah, 22V, ~375Wh (GXi)

Up to 40 miles (65 km) (GX)
Up to 50 miles (80 km) (GXi)

Gear display
Mechanical (GX) | LED dash (GXi)

Battery display
LED mini dash (GX) | LED dash (GXi)

Riding modes
Multiple, programmable
via GocycleConnect app

7 h, upgradable (GX) | 4 h (GXi)

Handlebar adjustment
Fixed (GX) | Height (GXi)

Hydraulic disk, front and rear

Cable routing
Partial external (GX) | Internal (GXi)

Folding method
Fast folding



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