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Premium, best-in-class key cables


  • NEW, patent-pending, RESET design features “reset mode” window (running change to 1018 &1218)
  • Dual molded, more durable, longer-lasting dials (running change to 1018 & 1218 models)
  • Braided steel cable design puts more steel inside vinyl casing for greater resistance to cut attacks and is more flexible than twisted cable, particularly in cold weather
  • Wafer-design cylinder allows more key codes than ever for increased security
  • Sleek, double-cut key design means key can be inserted either way
  • Innovative multi-fit transportation (on 815, 1218 and 1565 models) featuring FlexFrame C bracket
  • Patent-pending, no-tool adjustable spline design integrated into lock body
  • 300-degree rotation offers multiple bracket locations
  • Lock heads rotate fully to make lock up easier
  • Real rubber ‘Skinz’ eliminates peeling or stickiness after prolonged use
  • ‘I-Beam’–shaped centre and dual-molded ‘soft touch’ points allow better grip
  • Automatic dust cover opens when key is inserted and closes when key is removed to keep dirt out
  • Hook-n-loop strap (on 815, 1218 & 1565 models) to reduce movement while riding
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