One of our strategy to provide our customers with sporting goods at the best possible price is buying close out/end-of-series items and leftover inventory from closing shopes. End-of-series are particularly interesting as they are items that have to make room for a new color, new cosmetic design, but are just as good as its successor performance wise.  

This allows us to negociate great prices on top brands products that offer still very good performances.  

When we manage to get our hands on considerable size lots, to avoid you having to visit both locations to see all that is available, we concentrate all the related products in one location. Make sure before you come and shop for the liquidation sale you are interested in, to check at which location it is offered. 

Liquidation lots is an inventory of items that moves a lot and quickly, so it will not be available online.  However, we will let you know what you may find in the lot, brands, type of items, styles, the top value, the starting price of the sales and a general idea of the % discount the sales offer, enough to let know you know if it's worth a your time.  

Happy shopping!