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Alpine ski - buying guide

How to chose the size for alpine skis

You're just beginning and you are not sure how to go about choosing your skis? We are here to help! 

First, you need a few measurements. 

->Your height (measure from the ground to eye level)
->Your weight, depending on the rocker on the ski, if you are feather weight, you won't need a ski as long as someone chubbier who will flatten the rocker a lot more. 

Once your height determined, you'll notice often enough, that you'll be in between ski sizes. Your weight and skier level will help figure out which size to take:

  • If you are a beginner, you need a slightly shorter ski, who'll be easier to handle 
  • However, the heavier you are, the longer the skis so you still have that rocker effect. 
  • And again, if your skier level is advanced, you can chose longer skis 

Here's a concrete example->

You measure 149 cm at eye level, and the ski you have chosen comes in sizes 146, 154, 162. 

You are a beginner and light weight, you should take the size 146
You are a beginner, but you're not light weight, it would be preferable to choose the 154
You're advanced, you want the 154


Also, where you plan to ski will also determine the choices of the length.
Today's skis are high tech, even the more versatile ones usually offers better performances in on area in particular, to provide better skiing experience for the riders. . 
So, knowing where you intend to ski matters a lot: 

On piste skiing- as the name indicates, on groomed surface, often hard and fast, you'll need skis offering good control and grip on the slopes. 

All Mountain skiing - a versatile ski that will allow you to tackle on piste and off piste. Those skis often comes with autoturn rocker technology.

Race skiing - Downhill and slalom, we're talking about a ski built for speed, generally with a narrow waist and a rocker optimised for stability and precision. 

Freeride skiing - For the fan of powder, mostly off piste, backcountry and such. For this, you need longer skis with a wider waist for more lift on fresh snow and a rocker specific for that type of snow.

Freestyle skiing - When you want to tackle snow parks, Kickers, rails, half-pipe, you'll need a shorter ski with double spatula that enhances your pop and jumps. 


We hope these infos will help you choose your alpine ski equipment wisely so you can enjoy every ski days to the fullest!

Need additional help? No problem, we have several ski nut jobs that will love to share their knowledge and passion with you: 418-683-3338 



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